IUM Online Application

This article highlights all the International University of Management Online Application procedures . If you are a new applicant, never applied to IUM before and do not have an IUM Student
number, kindly follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the IUM Website (www.ium.edu.na) >> Click on Student Corner and Select Student Portal/iEnabler
Go to the IUM Website (www.ium.edu.na) >>Home tab>> Online Application >> Click here to Apply

Step 2: Click on New Application

Step 3: Complete the Biographical Information and Click Save (Please use the TAB key to move from field to field and not the “Enter” Key).

Step 4: The system generates a Student Number (here referred to as Reference Number) and you need to create a 5-digit PIN. The PIN cannot be 12345, or starts with a 0 (e.g 03264) or have any consecutive repeating digits (e.g. 11335). Please write down your new student number and PIN to enable you to log into your portal and for future reference and enquiries.

Step 5:

Enter the best five subjects here, Including English. Select Grade/Level and your results symbols. Marks in Percentage must be converted to symbols. Save the records for one subject before proceeding to enter the next subject.

If you have a qualification from an Institution of Higher Learning, Please enter its details here. If you have any form of disability, please specify it here. If not, enter “NONE”.

Read and Accept the application rules. If you don’t click on the “I Accept” button, you cannot continue with the application process. If you had already accepted the Rules before or earlier, the “I Accept” button will not appear again and you simply proceed to next step.

This is where you select the name of the course you wish to apply. To search the for a Bachelor degree qualification, enter %Bachelor% in the second field and click on Search. To search for certificates, enter %Certificate% ; For Masters: %Master% or %MSC%, for Postgraduate Diploma: %Postgraduate% and for PhDs: %Doctor% or %PHD%.

Please familiarise yourself with the admission requirements for the course you intent to apply before submitting your application.

Verify the correctness of your qualification. If everything is OK, click on Accept Application.

IF you get this pop up message, it means you application was successfully submitted. To apply for the second Choice programme, repeat the 5.9 “Submit Application” Step.

Step 6: How to upload a copy of ID/Passport, NSSC Certificate/Secondary School leaving Certificate,
Passport Photo, Copy of Previous tertiary Qualification and Transcripts/Academic Records onto the

REMEMBER THAT: The portal/iEnabler is where you can apply online, view your application status, register online and view your academic information.

Additional Guides

Before you start with the Online Application process, you must have the following:

  1. All the documents required for your application must be certified and scanned in pdf format to upload onto the system. Documents must be scanned separately and not in one long document. For Example, The ID must be a Separate file and the NSSC certificate must also be a separate file and so on

2. A scanned Proof of Payment for the Application Fee

Before embarking on the online application process, Applicants must first pay the application fee, either through direct cash deposit or EFT, directly into university’s bank account.

Bank Details

  • Bank Name: Bank Windhoek
  • Beneficiary Name: IUM-Book Fund
  • Branch Name: Kudu Branch, Windhoek
  • Branch Code: 482172
  • Account Number: 3000338051
    NB: Please use your “Initials and Surname” as reference. Example: S.E. TSUSES. The Initials and Surname MUST be that of the Applicant and not of the Parent or Guardian.

3. Access to an internet connected computer

4. A Valid and Active email address. If you don’t have an e-mail address yet, you can create one for free at
www.gmail.com or www.yahoo.com or at any other e-mail service provider of your choice.

Note: In case a prospective applicant does not have a valid and active email address and is unable to
create one, the online application will not go through and such applicant must complete a paper-based/hard copy application form, available for free download on the IUM Website (www.ium.edu.na)

5. It’s advisable to have a pen and paper to write down your STUDENT NUMBER and PIN for future
reference and for making further enquiries regarding your application at the university.