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The advent of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has made learning so much easier and more convenient – qualities that the Namibia University of Science and Technology strives to offer its students. In another first for the Namibia University of Science and Technology, the Centre for Open and Lifelong Learning (COLL) recently launched its first fully-fledged eLearning courses.

eLearning is just another way of studying, but instead of being face-to-face with a lecturer or tutor or studying alone at home with your study guide, you are provided with a virtual classroom via a networked computer. This means you can study anywhere and at any time, which is a real plus for those students who have a busy schedule. At the Namibia University of Science and Technology, eLearning is a paced week-by-week way of studying cooperatively with your tutor and fellow students by means of a virtual classroom that provides a variety of technology-enhanced learning tools such as electronic text, images, animations, streaming video, and audio.

Pre-Registration Form

All students who are interested in studying in the eLearning mode through the Centre for Open and Lifelong Learning (COLL) must complete a pre-registration form. Please note that you should have passed or gained admission to examination for the pre-requisite courses before you can register for the eLearning courses. Assessments for eLearning courses are different from the full time, part time and distance education courses. In eLearning courses, you will be expected to take part in online activities in addition to other assessments like assignments and tests.

Please click here to access the Pre-registration form.

Upload Assignments On Moodle (ELearning)

Students please take note that there is a video explaining the process on how to upload your assignments on the Moodle platform. Should you have any further queries, do no hesitate to call the following Administrative Coordinators and Student Support Officers for additional support:

Imelda Khoeses +264 61 207 2801 (
Maria Indongo +264 61 207 2561 (
Angela Apollus +264 61 207 2670 (
Beatrice Mutonga +264 61 207 2259 (
Brenda Kaumbangere +264 61 207 2071 (
Henrietha Beukes +264 61 207 2558 (
Johnson Mutirua +264 61 207 2802 (
Josefina Skrywer +264 61 207 2757 (