With NUST Fees, the University only encourages and accepts payment either through its bank accounts or to the cashiers at its campuses across the country. Payment must be made ONLY at the Cashier and not to any other staff member. An official receipt should be obtained upon payment.

In this blog post, we reveal the often-hidden NUST FEES and services that accompany NUST education. Prepare to embark on an insightful journey that will equip you with essential knowledge for a successful academic endeavor.

REMEMBER: Tuition fees (denoted in the Namibian dollar, N$) are charged per course regardless of whether the course is taken on full-time, part-time or distance education mode.

NUST FEES for Other Services: Unveiling the Complete Picture

Beyond tuition fees, NUST students must be mindful of a range of other expenses. Here are the vital NUST FEES to consider:

NUST Application and Registration

  • Application Fee: N$240
  • Online Application Fee: N$240
  • Postgraduate Application Fee: N$360
  • Late Application Fee: N$690
  • Registration Fee (includes N$60 activity fee) – NON-REFUNDABLE: N$1,910
  • Late Registration Fee (in addition to registration fee): N$580

Academic Services

  • Application for Credit Transfer from Other Institution: N$210
  • Credit Transfer from Other Institution/Course: N$1,220
  • Academic Record Fee: N$110
  • Resumption of Studies (Re-application) Fee: N$230
  • Replacement of Certificate/Diploma Fee: N$570
  • Remark/Course Fee: N$750
  • Re-check of Marks/Course Fee: N$230
  • Replacement of Student/Meal Card Fee: N$200
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Application Fee: N$240
  • RPL Assessment Fee/Course: N$1,220
  • Reprinting of Exam Results Fee: N$120
  • Copies of Official Documents Fee (Proof of Registration, etc.): N$120

Additional Services

  • Medical Services – Fee per visit: N$10
  • Duplicate First Tutorial Letter Fee: N$100
  • Duplicate Study Guide (Distance Students) Fee: N$560
  • CD/DVD/USB Fee: N$100
  • Parking Fee: N$160


  • Alumni Membership: Ten items for 30 days: N$350
  • Library Usage with no Loan Privileges Fee: N$240
  • Loan Privilege: One item at a time Fee: N$380
  • Loan Privilege: Two items at a time Fee: N$670
  • Loan Privilege: Three items at a time Fee: N$950
  • UNAM Student Deposit (Undergraduate) Fee: N$850
  • Day Visitors (necessitated by request for day visit access) Fee: N$50
  • Photocopy Fee (A4 Black & White): N$0.50 per page


  • Late Fees (Per Day) Fine: N$10
  • Overdue Fines on Short Loans (Per Hour) Fine: N$5
  • Damage to Library Materials: Replacement Value
  • Loss of/Irreparable Damage to Library Materials: Replacement Value
  • Lost a Group or Study Carrel Key Fine: N$100
  • Illegal Removal of Library Materials: Disciplinary Action
  • Eating/Drinking in the Library Fine: N$150
  • Making Noise in the Library Fine: N$150
  • Rude or Undisciplined Behaviour Fine: N$150
  • Leaving Padlock on the Overnight Locker Fine: N$80


  • Parking Violation Fee: N$280
  • REFUNDABLE Residence Breakage Deposit: N$1,230/semester

Beyond the Obvious: Navigating Hidden Costs

1. Financial Planning for Success

Navigating the true cost of higher education requires proactive financial planning. Consider the following strategies:

  • Full Fee Analysis: Conduct a thorough analysis of all NUST FEES and expenses associated with your course of study.
  • Budgeting: Create a comprehensive budget that encompasses tuition, accommodation, and additional costs.
  • Emergency Fund: Build an emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses.

2. Exploring Financial Support

Exploring various financial support options can ease the burden of costs:

  • Scholarships and Bursaries: Investigate scholarships and bursaries offered by NUST and external organizations.
  • Student Loans: Research student loan options and understand repayment terms.

3. Maximizing Campus Resources

Leveraging campus resources can reduce additional expenses:

  • Library Privileges: Opt for cost-effective library privileges that suit your study needs.
  • On-Campus Services: Utilize on-campus medical facilities and support services.

Understanding the full spectrum of costs associated with studying at NUST is essential for a successful academic journey. Beyond tuition fees, prospective students must be aware of other services and NUST FEES that can impact their finances. Proactive financial planning, exploring support options, and making the most of campus resources can empower students to navigate the hidden costs of higher education.

As you embark on this educational adventure, seize the opportunity to plan wisely, embrace the challenge, and invest in your future. NUST offers a world of opportunities, and with the right approach, you can unlock your potential, secure your dreams, and set yourself up for academic and financial success. The journey to greatness starts now; seize the moment, conquer the challenges, and embark on an extraordinary path to a brighter tomorrow at NUST!