Unam Application Fee

This article gives out guide to University of Namibia prospective applicants on the application that are required to pay before submitting their desired application form online.

The application fee of N$ 150 for Namibian applicants and N$ 300 for International applicants is mandatory.

UNAM Registration 2024 Fees

  • The one-time UNAM Registration Fees of N$2,575 include a connectivity fee (N$500 + N$75 VAT), a student administration levy (N$150), and the registration fee (N$1,850).
  • Full payment of the UNAM Registration 2024 Fees and deposit is required on or before the academic registration date.
  • After registration, at least 60% of the remaining fees must be paid before the start of the first semester examinations, with the full balance settled before the second semester examinations in 2024.

Discounts and Special Considerations

  1. 10% Discount on Tuition Fees (UNAM Registration 2024 Fees)
  • Students paying in full before the end of February 2024 are eligible for a 10% discount on tuition fees (excluding additional class fees).
  • Discount applications must be submitted in writing by May 31, 2024.
  1. Bursary Holders
  • Bursary holders can be exempted from the deposit by providing written proof of sponsorship or bursary.
  1. NSFAF Acknowledgement Letter
  • Students with an NSFAF acknowledgement letter must pay the N$2,575 registration fee and the hostel deposit (UNAM Hostel Fees 2024). However, the letter does not guarantee a loan award.
  1. Late UNAM Registration Fees 2024
  • A late registration fee of $600 applies to students registering after the normal registration period.
  1. Payment Options
  • Only card payments are permitted during registration; no cash payments are accepted.
  • Online payment platforms or bank deposits into provided accounts are encouraged.
  1. Important Tips for Payments
  • Ensure bank deposits and electronic transfers are completed 3-4 days before the registration date.
  • Always use your student number as the reference for deposits and transfers.
  • Online payments and card payments reflect instantly in your student account.
  • Address all financial inquiries before the registration period.

As students prepare for the 2024 academic year, understanding the intricacies of UNAM registration fees and hostel accommodations is vital. UNAM’s transparent breakdown ensures that students can plan their finances effectively and make informed decisions. Whether embarking on a new academic journey or continuing one, this guide serves as a valuable resource to navigate the financial aspects of university life at UNAM.