Unam eLearning

This articles explains all you need to know about Unam eLearning. The University of Namibia student portal is an online platform where students can access various academic and financial records.

Before we proceed, the UNAM eLearning portal can be found by clicking here.

Step 1: Register and obtain UNAM Moodle login credentials (UNAM Moodle Login)

To access the student portal, you need to be academically registered for the year. Once you are registered, you will be issued with your student number and password.

Step 2: Access the portal

To access the portal, open any web browser of your choice (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) and go to the UNAM website (www.unam.edu.na). Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “My UNAM Portal.”

Step 3: UNAM Moodle login (UNAM portal login)

On the UNAM Moodle Login page, enter your student number (username) and password. Click on “Login.”

Step 4: Navigate the UNAM student portal

After logging in, you will be taken to your dashboard. This is where you will find all your notes and notices that are relevant to you. Here are some links that you might find useful:


This is where you will be submitting your notes and assignments.

Class timetable:

This is where you can download your timetable for the semester.

Academic records: (elearning UNAM)

This section contains various sub-modules, including:

Proof of registration: (elearning UNAM)

This shows all the modules that you have registered for the year.

Progress report: (elearning UNAM)

This displays your marks for the subjects that you have written.

Academic record: (elearning UNAM)

This shows your past results for the subjects that you have already written in the exam.

Exam timetable: (elearning UNAM)

This displays the timetable for your exams.

It is important to ensure that all the modules that you are registered for appear under the correct study mode and semester. If you have any issues, you can contact your lecturer or the relevant department.

The UNAM student portal is an essential tool for students to access their academic and financial records. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily navigate the portal and access the information you need.

How to Access UNAM Moodle for UNAM Students

As a UNAM student, your assignments will be provided to you online through our eLearning platform, Moodle.

Here is a quick orientation on how to access UNAM Moodle and your assignments.

Step 1: Access the Moodle website (elearning UNAM)

You can access the Moodle website by typing the following URL in your web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge): https://elearning.unam.edu.na. You can also scan the QR code provided with your mobile phone.

Step 2: UNAM Moodle Login (UNAM portal login)

Click on “Log in” or the Blocks drawer on the top right corner of the website to log in.

Step 3: Log in with your credentials (elearning UNAM)

Log into Moodle using your username (student number) and password (same password as for your portal). If you are unable to log into Moodle, please contact the Computer Centre for assistance with your UNAM Moodle login (UNAM portal login) details by sending an email to itsupport@unam.na with your student number as the email subject and explaining the issue in the body of your email.

Step 4: Access your enrolled module (elearning UNAM)

Click on “My courses” to access your enrolled module. Under “My courses,” you will find the name of your module. Click on the module name to access it.

Step 5: Locate and access your assignment (elearning UNAM)

Scroll down and locate the Assessment section on the left side of the module. Click on the Assignment folder to access your assignment questions.

Step 6: Download the assignment file (elearning UNAM)

You can download the assignment file by clicking on the file name or by clicking on “download folder.”

Step 7: Orientation to distance learning

Please go to the section called Common Spaces on any of your courses and locate a resource called Distance Education Common Spaces. In this resource, you will find user guides to help you with distance learning.

Step 8: Academic support information (elearning UNAM)

Under the section called Social activities on the Distance Education Common Spaces, you will find resources to help you with your academic writing. Access the tutorials in a resource called Academic Writing Support. You can also find the University’s Academic Integrity (Plagiarism) Policy in the same section.