When can I apply for NUST?

For this academic year(2024), New Students must apply from  22 January through to 02 Februry (Note: Applicants who are fully admitted will be able to register as from 08 January).


Before you apply to NUST please familiarise yourself with the programmes / qualifications on offer as well as the admission requirements.

After deciding on a qualification you are willing to pursue, you may:

  • Apply to NUST online at https://ienabler.nust.na/pls/prodi41/w99pkg.mi_login. 
  • Applying online provides you with immediate notification that your application has been received. 
  • You will also be able to follow the progress of your application online. Online applications is FREE!
  • Apply manually by downloading the application form, complete and submit at the NUST Main Campus or any of the Regional Centres or via the post. An application fee of N$150 for undergraduate and N$240 for postgraduate is payable.
Forms must be submitted to:For Enquiries:
The Office of the Registrar,Tel: +264 61 – 207 2056
Private Bag 13388,Fax: +264 61 – 207 2401
Windhoek, Namibia.


NUST Current Account Number: 55500126319,
First National Bank,
Ausspannplatz Branch,
Branch Code: 281872.


  • Identity Document or Birth Certificate (Namibian Citizens);
  • Passport (non-Namibian citizens);
  • If applying manually, proof of payment (e.g. original bank deposit slip);
  • Latest school results eg. Namibian Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC), August results (current grade 12 learners);
  • Declaration and Undertaking.  If you are under the age of 18, the form must be co-signed by a legal guardian or parent;
  • Reference letter from employer(s) – Applicable to Mature Age Entry Scheme applicants only;
  • Certified copies of qualification(s) e.g. diploma, degree etc., Academic Record/Transcripts and complete syllabi – for Postgraduate or Advanced Standing Applicants;
  • Latest qualification in original language and a translation in English,  if the qualification is in a language other than English;  a NQA Evaluation of the qualification,  if it is obtained outside the SADC Region – Foreign Applicants

Programmes Offered at NUST

NUST offers a wide array of undergraduate programmes in the Faculty of Health, Natural Resources, and Applied Sciences. Explore the following options to find your perfect fit:

  1. Bachelor of Environmental Health Sciences (NQF Level 8)
  2. Bachelor of Emergency Medical Care (NQF Level 7)
  3. Bachelor of Horticulture (NQF Level 7)
  4. Bachelor of Human Nutrition (NQF Level 8)
  5. Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences (NQF Level 8)
  6. Bachelor of Natural Resources Management (NQF Level 7)
  7. Bachelor of Science (NQF Level 7)
  8. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (NQF Level 7)
  9. Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Statistics (NQF Level 7)
  10. Bachelor of Science in Health Information Systems (NQF Level 7)

NUST Postgraduate Qualifications: Elevate Your Expertise

NUST Admission Requirements

For those seeking to advance their knowledge and skills, NUST offers an impressive array of postgraduate qualifications. To be eligible for these programmes, you must possess a recognised degree in a related discipline or an equivalent qualification at specific NQF levels (Level 7 for Honours, Level 8 for Masters, and Level 9 for Doctoral degrees). Please note that individual programmes may have additional admission requirements, so be sure to check the details for your chosen field.

Postgraduate Programmes Offered At NUST

Take your career to new heights with NUST’s postgraduate programmes, designed to meet the demands of today’s professional world. Discover the diverse opportunities available:

  1. Bachelor of Emergency Medical Care Honours (NQF Level 8)
  2. Bachelor of Natural Resources Management Honours (NQF Level 8)
  3. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Honours (NQF Level 8)
  4. Bachelor of Science Honours in Applied Mathematics (NQF Level 8)
  5. Bachelor of Science Honours in Applied Statistics (NQF Level 8)
  6. Bachelor of Science Honours with specialisations in Applied Biology, Biotechnology, Applied Chemistry, and Applied Physics (NQF Level 8)
  7. Bachelor of Science Honours in Health Information Systems Management (NQF Level 8)
  8. Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Radiation Science and Technology (NQF Level 8)
  9. Master of Agribusiness Management (NQF Level 9)
  10. Master of Health Sciences (NQF Level 9)
  11. Master of Natural Resources Management (NQF Level 9)
  12. Master of Science in Applied Mathematics (NQF Level 9)
  13. Master of Science in Applied Statistics (NQF Level 9)
  14. Master of Science in Natural and Applied Sciences (NQF Level 9)
  15. Doctor of Philosophy in Health Sciences (NQF Level 10)
  16. Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics (NQF Level 10)
  17. Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Resources Sciences (NQF Level 10)
  18. Doctor of Philosophy in Statistics (NQF Level 10)